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Pahoa Village Museum was Awesome! So many friends jamming! I give thanks! Here are some pic’s…our LAST SHOW before we GO will be June 16th @ The Tea Room:)

5 Solo Artists performing in a round style concert, fashion shows, band T-shirts, up-cycled clothes, home baked goodies, drinks, magic oil, hand-made jewelry, and 2 bands taking turns playing songs and fusing into each other’s music with out ever having rehearsed! Trust in yourself and go for it! ┬áThis is LIFE! ┬áLIVE IT

…more life posts to come;) as we live it you get it:) love to all


Band Merch coming again soon! JUNE 3rd * Fundraiser at Pahoa Village Museum! (save the date) You can buy Hand Made Home Made with luv from our hands to yours, shirts and goodies to wear and sport the “off the grid” message.