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Thank you Mana Festival women organizers for 2018! (even with the changes it showed how we go with Divine Flow) It was so AWEsome! And so much needed to feel the presence and power of what Women can do!!! Mahalo nui!!! PS-I made the flyer yay!


Yes! The Mana Festival was awesome! So much Awesome energy and flow! Can women just run things all the time please? lol..but seriously it was such a good feeling, high vibe flow i give thanks there was no alcohol there too.ย  I give thanks for allll the fabulous women who put this together! The Art, The Music, The food, The Everything else!ย  It felt great!!! Can i go everyday? lol Can’t say enough about how special it was ๐Ÿ™‚


California World Fest 2017


California World Fest 2017 was the best blast ever so far! 7 STAGES!!! We played twice on the Discovery Stage, with guest Chris McNinche on drums.ย  After our prayer song that talks of politics and Standing Rock, Children of The Light, our new friend who was at Standing Rock, gave us a jar of ashes from the sacred fire at Stand Rock!ย  Not going to lie, there were a few tears:)ย  After that, we divinely flowed into 2 live spots on the local radio KVMR in Grass Valley!

We Met Emily Love at the Rainbow Gathering and then saw her again here, and found out we both know The Jeffery James Show! Small tribes ๐Ÿ™‚ We supported The Jeffery James Show also on the Discovery Stage!ย  Love, Luv Jeffery’s voice and songs from the heart!ย  ย Then there was the guy who bought our purple dress!ย  We invited him up on the stage to show off our home made with love up-cycled gear!ย  Aw!ย  We are honored to experience such love at the festival.ย  ย We felt the love again with the One Tribe Movement and MC Preach flowing his spontaneous consciousness sending the room vibes high!ย  Such awesome souls we have the pleasure of knowing.ย  Dreams of singing with Kelli Love and One Tribe again!!!

Also so surprised and honored to have the voice of Millicent Cummings on stage with us!ย  We had no idea that she would be there at California World Fest, but so glad! Millicent is part of our Hawaii Off The Grid Ohana of musicians we play with often and jump on stage with each other!ย  So i got my wish of having a harmony singer at World Fest!!! Yay!ย  One night Erik was invited to play with One Tribe, but he pulled a muscle in his hip and was in so much pain at the end of the night that he couldn’t play.ย  However we were getting a ride home from Preach so we had to wait till the end of the late night set anyway ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .. but then! The festival head director heard our story and gave us a ride home!ย  Wow!ย  Such love from the festival!ย  These folks lived aloha all the way over here in Cali! lol awesomeness ๐Ÿ™‚

We Give Thanks For Life:)

First Tour Gig of the Summer 2017!!! Off The Grid in the Mid-West! Whaaatt? yes…from Big I to MN! We never been!!! till now! This is going to be a great day…thank you so much everyone who supported us in our fundraisers to help us get here:)


*follow our musical journies on http://www.offthegridmusic.org ๐Ÿ™‚

Tour Dates ~ Oregon 2015


Sat Aug 22 ~ Independence Farmer’s Market 10-2pm Independence, OR

Fri Aug 28 ~ UpTown Cafe 6-9 in Warrenton, OR

Fri Sept 4 ~ UpTown Cafe 6-9 in Warrenton, OR

Sun Sept 6 ~ Skyway Bar & Grill 7-9 in Zig Zag, OR

*To Contact Off The Grid for booking email offthegridmusic808@gmail.com

**If you’re a FAN:) suggesting a place to perform, wanting to book us for your party or have questions email tianamalonejennings@gmail.com