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Tiana Malone Jennings as the soulful Singer-Song Writer on Voice & Ukulele, and Violinist Virtuoso Hawk Devi create the heart of Off the Grid Music.

Launching their first video in their Hawaiian Music Series! Here is Palehua:


Tiana & Hawk

Tiana & Hawk at the Hilo Ukulele & Guitar Shop


A Musical Ohana (Family) is what we’d call the group that formed to become “Off The Grid” from Puna, Hawaii. This is a place where living off grid is very common. You hear phrases like “malama aina”, “solar panels”, and “composting toilet” 😉 People here are rugged survivors! And like it that way! Just now as we sit here and type this, the river of lava is flowing just 20 min from the computer desk. On the other side of the island, the raging open oceans crash low and high, wild and untamed in the middle of the Pacific. The most isolated civilization in the world…Hawaii Island. Out of this raw, passion of creation energies comes our medicine through our music. Our hearts and soul in sound! We give thanks for Music and Life! I ka pono mea. Aloha no

Off The Grid has performed at a variety of venues! Mana Fest 2019. Birds & Bee’s Fest 2018. Flow Fest 2018. Mana Fest 2018. Kate Wolf 2018. California World Fest 2017. Corn Stalk Fest 2017 in MN. Good Medicine 2017. Rainbow Gathering Granola Funk Stage 4th of July Fantuzzi Show 2017. Flow Fest 2016 & 2017 running their very own “Off The Grid Stage”.  Wahine Fest 2017 Green Lake Hawaii. Kate Wolf Music Fest Black Oak Ranch NorCal Kids Stage 2017.  Puna Music Fest May 2015. Opening for Nahko & Medicine for The People at the Kohala Aina Fest 2013 on the Big Island Of Hawaii. At The Blue Dragon in Kawaihai, Hi. The Hilo Town tavern, Uncle Robert’s Awa Bar in Kalapana “where the lava stopped”. Touring the West Coast every Summer/Fall. They even sat in with the J Jean Band at the Ho’olaulea in down town Hilo. Always moving forward on to the next adventure! Mahalo nui loa Na Kupuna Aloha


YOUTUBE LINK TO MUSIC VIDEO ~ Let THe Music Pay *Live @ Hopmonk in Sebastopol, CA

YOUTUBE LINK To MUSIC VIDEO ~ A short clip of Off The Grid at Hilo Farmer’s Market in Hilo, HI


YOUTUBE LINK TO MUSIC VIDEO ~Don’t Wait~ Live @ Cafe Bouzingo in Bellingham, WA(Some ADULT Language)

YOUTUBE LINK TO MUSIC VIDEO ~ Taylor’s Song~ Live @The Green Frog in Bellingham, WA





******BAND MEMBERS******

Tiana 2 instruments

Multi-Genre Singer-Songwriter, Tiana Malone Jennings started her musical journey in Seaside, OR at age 14, after losing a bet with a friend that forced her to join choir. Fortunately, she loved it so much that by junior year she was in 3 different choirs and had joined her first band. Working hard in College to finish her degree, she found herself on an unexpected journey to Hawaii. Living with a mesh of worldly cultures & eclectic musicians who are neighbors to the Volcano Goddess Pele has been a humbling, soul-growing experience, and her heartfelt, straightforward music reflects that.  She tune’s to ancient solfeggio frequencies known to be healing with sound.  Also an energy worker, she blends sound healing with energy flowing to those open to receiving.  Tiana is very grateful to all of her teachers in Music and Life.

Hawk clos up

Hawk Devi was performing classical music by the time she was 6 years old, performing through Japan, where she lived until the age of 12, America and Europe. In her early 20’s she recognized that the classical life-style was not for her, plus, she liked other styles of music…so, she traveled through Europe, playing on the streets and listening to jazz. Coming back to the US, she and two other friends started a improv group called the Connection. Hawk performed and created music with the Connection for 12 years in Baltimore Md, until the group fell apart after one of the key members past away. Hawk married and had children, moving with her family to Hawaii. At this time Hawk lives on the Big lsland, creating music, painting, a long time hobbie, and making jewelry. Hawk has been a mediator for 30 years, performs an ancient ritual called Agnihotra that purifies the atmosphere, and is a Reiki Master and a Deeksha giver.



Erik Avery is a born rock star stud…yep he’s one of those 🙂  Erik is not one to talk a person’s ear off, but with over 40 years(i know he doesn’t look it!) of Guitar and Bass playing experience audience’s can hear that he speaks his soul through his playing.  Touring, gigging, jamming for years with band such as Jaris 7 The Peace Tribe, Clan Dyken, Medicine for the People…Off The Grid is blessed to have him in our Ohana!!!




Funk Tony from Fresno, CA!!!

Ydine from AnthoR EVolution


Another Evolution ~ Ydine Sandburg:)



Wahine Fest at Green Lake Hawaii 2017

Live Spot on KMUD NorCal community radio!!!

Off The Grid @ Flow Fest 2017 Green Lake, HI


Off The Grid @ Women’s March on Washington 2017 Hilo, HI


Off The Grid @ Kohala Aina Fest 2016 Hawi, HI


Off The Grid @ Flow Fest 2016 Kalapana, HI

floe fest orb gv thns

Off The Grid @ Puna Music Fest 2015 Kapoho, HI



Off The Grid poses for a band pic after Lava Shack Gig in Pahoa, HI.




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